• Dig the holes (3ft X 3ft X 2ft).

Bananas_hole size

  • The spacing depends on the variety. On average, spacing is 3m x 3m for short varieties & 4m x 4m for tall varieties.
  • Rows should be in straight lines and if on a hillside, planting should be along the contours to minimize soil erosion.
  • As you dig the hole, separate the topsoil from the subsoil.
  • Mix 1 bucket of well-rotten manure and 150 - 200g of fertilizer like DAP or TSP with the soil.
  • Fill back the hole with the above mixture then followed by the subsoil.
  • Split the polythene paper pot holding each seedling while holding the soil carefully. Using your hand or a simple garden tool such as a panga, make a smaller hole in the soil mixture at the bottom of the hole and place the seedling in the middle of the hole.
  • Plant the seedling in the middle of the hole.
  • Compact the soil by pressing using your hands to make the plant hold firm in the soil.
  • Mulch the seedling with dry grass.
  • Water every week.

Banana should be planted in blocks rather than in strips so that the plants give each other self-protection since they are highly susceptible to wind damage.