With excitement pouring out of her doe-eyed face like sunshine through fine white linen, Isabella is a determined young girl keen to start an agribusiness enterprise.

She joins the local village savings and loan association and wants to change her fellow peers outlook towards farming and encourage them to become more business-minded.

Isabella Muvubi
Patience Nakamanya

Isaiah finds himself back in the laps of the little village, Kabulonda-Mpeke, he’d shown his back to two years ago.

Resigned and full of despair, he struggles to find his footing and live up to his parent’s expectations of him. Will a chance encounter with Isabella, whose enthusiasm for all things farming, reignite his passion for life and open him up to new possibilities??

Isaiah Ssebyuuma
Stephen Katusiime

Agatha lived a comfortable life in the city, with a bright future ahead of her. But with the sudden death of her wealthy father, her dreams of furthering her education are dashed and forcing her and her two younger siblings to find solace at her Aunt, Dorotia’s humble dwelling in Kabulonda-Mpeke town. Here, the young sombre beauty, must cope with her new reality.

Agatha Nandutu
Nodryn Evanci

Aggrey the aggressive middleman, is every bit the resident ‘village villain’. With a seemingly trustworthy face and a reassuring smile, his sense of superiority hangs thickly in the air as he parades around town in a colonial demeanor, decked out in kaunda suits.

Aggrey has a genuine passion for agriculture and appreciation for its potential, that are only tainted by his greed and insatiable hunger for the con.

Aggrey Muvubi
Jack Serunkuma
Jenny 2

She is the love struck widow that falls into the jaws of Aggrey, turning her into his unwitting accomplice. As a market woman, her formality exudes in the way she dresses as she seeks to lead her fellow market women towards financial self-realization.

Jenny Atuhire
Dolliyantha Phiona
Mercy 4

Mercy is a peculiar face in Kabulonda Mpeke. Ever trendy and bright-eyed, she is a holder of a university degree who moved to the village by choice. Her innovation and ambition know no bounds, by enterprising in value-added agricultural products to stand out above the rest. Her only downfall is her ‘nose in the air’ attitude.

Mercy Musoke
Hellen Lukoma

Isaiah’s father, is a lazy, insensitive and coarse drunk that can’t seem to break free of his traditional mindset towards farming and household financial management. Formerly the biggest landowner in Kabulonda Mpeke, he has fallen on hard times and finds himself being lead astray by lust.

Alphonce Ssebyuuma
Micheal Musoke

One wouldn’t blame Dorotia for being a perpetual complainer, after all, she’s shackled to Shaka, the village henchman, in a loveless marriage. Despite her ill-fate, she is strong-willed and and isn’t afraid to assert herself to her husband and her fellow market women. Dorotia understands the value of hard work and doesn’t expect everything handed to her on a silver platter.

Dorotia Nangobi
Gdaah Oyenbot

The skinny, scheming side-kick to Aggrey is every bit the low-life. Whether it’s his loan shark ways or selling counterfeit products, Shaka is always at the root of trouble in Kabulonda-Mpeke. Turning his back on his wife, Dorotia, and family comes easy to him, especially when an opportunity for quick cash presents itself. Simply put, for Shaka, it’s “me, myself, and I”.

Shaka Nangobi
Frobisher Lwanga