Pests and Diseases



Weevils make tunnels in the stems so that the plants fall. Cut the harvested stem into small pieces so that they quickly dry and do not attract the weevils.



Nematodes attack the roots. To stop nematodes, use a nematicide powder at planting, remove infected stems and do not intercrop bananas with maize, cowpeas or sorghum.



Cigar end rot

Cigar end rot is a fungal disease which makes the tips of fruits (banana fingers) look like the ash on the end of a cigar, hence the name.

Bananas_cigar end rot

Banana Bacterial Wilt

Banana Bacterial Wilt (BBW) is a bacterial disease that is very destructive. Signs include, dull yellow wilting leaves, yellow puss oozing from cut stem and uneven ripening when the bunch is still young.


To control:

  • Use disease-free planting materials
  • Remove male bud with a forked stick immediately the last cluster has formed.
  • Use clean planting materials. Disinfect tools with fire or Jik.
  • Cut and heap/bury infected plants.