Crop management


  • Only have 4 trees in each stand of different ages in a hole i.e. mother, daughter, granddaughter and the great granddaughter.
  • Extra suckers should be removed as early as possible in their development.


Fertilizer application

  • Bananas absorb a lot of nutrients from the soil.
  • Put 1 wheelbarrow of manure twice a year per tree (during the short rains and the long rains). A short forked hoe is used to incorporate the manure shallowly and carefully, to ensure no root damage.
  • Topdress with 250-300g CAN around each stool each year in a 15 cm ring around the stool. Bananas need a lot of Potash. Apply 200 -300g/stool split 3 times in the year.


  • Weeds take water and nutrients from your crop. They also hide pests and diseases.
  • Remove weeds by hoeing, using a herbicide or slashing. If hoeing, do not dig deep so as not to harm the roots.


  • Put heavy mulch cover to suppress unwanted weed growth, retain moisture, and provide humus for a good soil structure. You can use grass or banana leaves.


Pruning helps you to get bigger and higher quality bunches as well as managing sucker growth.

  • Dead leaves should be removed at least twice a year.


Staking of the fruit bearing pseudo-stem should be done to prevent breakage caused by heavy bunches.

  • Stake with wood by digging a hole 40 - 60 cm deep at the base of the stem to install the prop.
  • Tie the bunch to the prop, near the portion where the fruit stalk emerges from the stem, using a forked pole.