Welcome to Mpeke Town

From the producers of Shamba Shape Up and Makutano Junction, comes Mpeke Town, a drama series which depicts the hidden charms of rural life and unearths the idea that farming can be a lucrative business, with the potential for increasing food production and family incomes.

Set in the undulating hills of rural Central Uganda, Mpeke Town depicts the loves, hopes, trials and tribulations of a small village struggling to earn a livelihood.

Follow as Isaiah, fueled by juvenile innocence, youthful ambition, and visions of gold takes on the big city, in a battle he loses. Cowed and humbled, he retreats to his little village town Kabulonda Mpeke where his encounter with the determined Isabella thrusts him into a whirlwind of possibility. Here the journey to discover the untapped potential of agribusiness, begins.


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