Post-harvest management


When market prices are low, store your grain in a PICS bag to sell when the price is better.


  • A PICS bag can store your maize for up to 5 years.
  • You do not need to dust your grain with chemicals.
  • No air can get into the bag so weevils and other pests die.
  • PICS bags have 3 layers. 2 layers are plastic and do not let air in. The outer layer is a woven plastic sack.
  • Each PICS bag holds 90kg of grain.

How to use a PICS bag

Step 1:

Make sure your grain is dry and clean.


Step 2:

Check the 2 inside bags for any holes or tears. Do not use bags with holes and tears.


Step 3:

Put the 2 liner bags into the outside bag. Fold over the top.


Step 4:

Fill the inside bag with grain. Pack the bag tightly to get rid of air.


Step 5:

Twist the top of the bag and fold it over. The firmly with a strong string. Repeat for the middle bag, then tie the outer sack last.


Step 6:

Store PICS bags in a cool dark and well ventilated store. Stack on pallets 5 inches above the floor.

PICs 6

Transport your produce using proper means to avoid loss from spillage and contamination. You are likely to pay less if you transport as a group.

Sell your maize as a group

Forming a group with farmers nearby has a lot of benefits:

  • Sell your grain in bulk. You will have more bargaining power as a group and get a better price. All farmers use the same sized bags. This helps when negotiating prices.
  • Survey the price before deciding to sell your maize grain. Only sell if the price can earn you a good profit or store the grain until the price goes up.
  • Build a store together. It is cheaper than building your own.
  • You will have better access to loans through a bank.
  • Share ideas and solve problems together.
  • You work with your neighbours, rather than being in competition with them.
  • Don’t be cheated by middlemen with faulty scales. Weigh grain on UNBS certified scales.