Depending on the variety, maize takes 2.5 - 6 months to mature.

Harvest your maize on time to protect it from pests such as birds, termites, cob rot, weevils and loss of quality and quantity.

During harvesting, sort rotten and insect-infested cobs.

Step 1:

Dry your maize on the cob for 2-3 weeks.


Step 2:

Shell the maize with a maize sheller.


Some farmers beat their maize with sticks to shell it. This can damage the maize seeds. Weevils can easily attack broken seeds. You will have less breakages if you use a hand sheller.

Step 3:

Dry again for 2-3 weeks.

Maize_drying 2

Step 4:

Test to see if the maize is dry. Bite a grain. It will make a cracking sound if it is dry. If maize is not completely dry, it can become poisonous to humans and can make you sick.

Maize_bite test

A moisture meter will give you an exact reading. The moisture content should be 13-14%. Always use a moisture meter if you can get one. It is the best way to find out if your maize is dry enough for storage.