Site & Seed selection

Just before the rains start, select and prepare your fields and buy inputs for the season.

  • Select fields with fertile soils, which are usually black. The fields should have deep soils.
  • Avoid areas that are usually water logged during the rains.
  • Avoid sites where beans had been planted in the last 2 years.
  • Choose a suitable variety for your area and those with good market.

Non-climbing or bush varieties do well in lowlands.

Beans_non climbing

Climbing beans grow well in highland areas such as Kabale, Kisoro and Mbale.

Beans_climbing variety

Always buy certified seeds from a known agro-dealer. Certified seeds:

  • Have almost 100% germination
  • Are resistant to diseases
  • Grow fast and at the same rate
  • Improved bean varieties will increase your yield.

Choosing a bean variety for your area

There are new bean varieties, rich in Iron and Zinc, which help fight malnutrition especially among children and women.


These fast maturing beans have the ability to beat bad weather changes such as drought and diseases.

Climbing beans yield two to three times higher than non-climbing beans. This is because when well supported, climbing beans bear more pods per plant.