Post-harvest management

Step 1

Dry the beans immediately under the sun for 3-5 days to avoid moulding and for easy threshing.


Step 2

Thresh using proper machinery or by beating in open air on a tarpaulin or in a sack to avoid grain scattering and contamination.

Step 3

Winnow & clean to remove straw, stones, dirt, animal droppings & discoloured grains.

Step 4

Dry again. Spread the threshed seed under the sun for 3-5 days under the sun to fully dry to the required moisture content. Do this to avoid mould during storage.

Step 5

Grade your grain according to size and colour for better prices. Ensure seed of the same sizes. Do not mix different varieties.

Storage & Transport

Pack the beans in sacks and store on raised pallets.

PICs 6

Use Actelic Super Dust at 50g for 90kg of seed before storing your beans. This will protect the beans from storage pests. Put the seeds on a clean surface and spread dust over seed and gently mix them. Dust again after every 6 months.

Transport your produce well and minimize loss from spillage.

Reducing post-harvest losses means more beans for you to sell at market, and more money for you and your business.