Pests and Diseases


Root Mealybugs

Root Mealybugs sip sap from the roots reducing the flow of water and nutrients to the trees. This causes yellowing and drooping of leaves and death of entire trees.

root mealybugs

Uproot and burn affected or dead trees. Trees showing early signs of attack should be treated with Dursban mixed into soil around the tree or with Actara.

Coffee Berry Borer

Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) is a small beetle that bores into coffee berries, damaging beans and reducing yield and quality.


Prune coffee and shade trees to open up canopy and promote natural control by birds. If more than 2-3% of cherries are infected, spray with Super Sumithion.


Coffee wilt disease

Coffee wilt disease is caused by a fungus. It only affects Robusta trees and there is no cure.

Coffee_coffee wilt disease

To control, uproot and burn infected coffee trees as soon as symptoms are seen. Disinfect farm tools that have been used in an infected garden with fire flames or Jik solution. Plant resistant varieties.

Coffee berry disease

Coffee berry disease is caused by a fungus and only affects Arabica coffee. It attacks flowers and fruits at all stages of growth, but especially the green stage.

Coffee_Coffee berry disease

To control, plant tolerant varieties and practise good field hygiene. Prune coffee and shade trees to reduce humidity levels.